Photo Album

Photos taken from Public Record files and by Nancy Freeman, unless otherwise noted:

The big pit—note the size of the vehicles.

Rim of pit and the vast wasteland created from scrapping to get down to bedrock.


Piles and Piles of waste rock!

And more piles!

Thousands of acres of moonscape where wild horses and burros used to run free!

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Sierrita Tailings Impoundment: An Ocean—3,500 acres—of waste slurry

Holding ponds of Sulfuric Acid


A few shots of our neighbor's dump—after all, they've created a wasteland—what difference
does it make what is dumped there!

A little bulldozing and a handful of native grass seed will fix this right up= reclamation!


Let's just push this rubbish right down the hill--no one will notice!


Hard rock mining is big business—It's big everything—from trucks to misrepresentation!

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